Take Clinical Operations to the next level

Improve Physician efficiency with the adoption of Dictation, ML algorithms and more data from the EMR.


Medical Dictation

Forget about finicky locally installed VR, our zero footprint medical dictation product that is designed to integrate with external worklists, RIS or EMR.

Voice Recognition (VR)

Real time conversion of speech to text using a medical dictionary

Create your own templates

for highly personalized user experience

Access to external databases and previous reports

to enhance your efficiency and save your time

Designed by doctors for doctors

HL7 Integration for Dictation VR is triggered by HL7 and once collected will transmit HL7

Data Integration Platform

Upload and navigate medical documentation using a browser, desktop application, or external device.

  • Transform between formats.
  • Store, preview, parse and route to different destinations.
  • Browse in-transit and recently transmitted files.
  • Visual representation of integrations.

DCM files

  • Store, preview, parse and route to different destinations
  • Integration using DIMSE, dicomWeb, upload or file based integration.
  • Multiple destination routing.
  • Transformation of dicom to other formats. Support includes HL7, FHIR, and DICOM transformation.
  • Secure persistent layer to enable resend of files.
  • DCM files - De-Identification and Re-Identification of DCM

HL7 files

  • Store, preview, parse and route to different destinations
  • Configure changes in the HL7 message or transform it into a different format.
  • De-Identify and Re-Identify HL7 files.

How We Can Help You

You are here to help people, not to drown in paperwork. We transform healthcare with AI-powered solutions.

For Doctors

Save your precious time - fill out the documentation, exchange information, and create reports faster and more accurately.

For Hospitals

Free your employees from the burden of paperwork, enhance the quality of care, and reduce costs by enabling practitioners to prepare the documentation in just a few clicks.

Why CloudsHealth

  1. Innovative

    We implement the latest technologies to bring you the best digital solutions for accuracy, integrity, and efficiency at work.

  2. Configurable

    Use only the services you need. Clouds Health is highly modular, so you choose which technology to implement in your work.

  3. Flexible

    As a complementary microservice solution, Clouds Health allows you to manage the data, avoid errors, and save time, enhancing every aspect of the clinical documentation experience.

  4. Secure

    All Clouds Health products are built with the protection of sensitive information in mind and Clouds Health supports this with HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant software.